Toilet Paper from Heaven

Toilet PapaerThe following is a true story . . .

My wife stood in the store debating.  Should she buy the white tissue paper she used for stuffing gift bag presents or not?  With nearly all of our money now going to our twin daughter’s college education, even little money decisions had become a big deal.  She prayed about it and decided that she could get by without it for now.  A few days later, she was going through a bag my uncle had given us of things he didn’t want to take with him when he moved to Florida.  In the bottom of the bag, she found two brand new, unopened packages of white tissue paper used for stuffing gift bag presents.  She thought to herself, “God has provided again!”

While telling me about the tissue paper, my wife started to get real quiet and with a smile and a tear in her eye, she said, “Remember the toilet paper prayer?”  My mind thought back; how could I ever forget the toilet paper prayer.  Many years ago I had a business go under, and I was forced against my will into bankruptcy.  We lost everything except for some basic necessities and an old car.  Life for us and our four children had become very difficult.  But the Lord was faithful despite my business error, and provided us with food, clothing, and a place to live while I was trying to find a job.

Incredibly, soon after, I received a job offer from my former boss who had employed me six years earlier, but I would have to start at an entry-level salary, which was about half of what I was making when I left the job.  Now that we again had an income, and since we had lost our house, we needed to find a place that would rent to a family of six.  My wife called more than 150 apartments in our large city and only found two apartments that we could afford that would accept a family of six.  We rented a townhouse and moved in.  The rent was high, and money was extremely tight.  As we were adjusting to our new budget, there was one thing that really gnawed at my wife–just a little thing, and a little bit private.

She was bothered about how much toilet paper the six of us were using and the cost of buying it.  So, one evening, not having a clue how in the world God could answer this, she prayed.  “Lord, I know this is a little thing, but could you please provide us with a cheap source of toilet paper?”

Unbelievably, a short time later my father called and asked if we wanted some extra toilet paper!  My wife couldn’t believe her ears, and in barely managed to say, “Of course!”  The school where he was working as head custodian had decided to switch from using the little squares of toilet paper to the giant rolls that are now found in most public restrooms.  He had to change all the toilet paper dispensers in the whole school.  The administrator told him to get rid of the toilet paper squares.

He thought it would be a real shame to throw them in the recycling bin, so he decided to use them and give us a case of toilet paper whenever we needed one.  Well, we used those squares for about four years!  By the time he ran out of the cases at the school, my income had improved sufficiently that buying toilet paper was no longer an issue.  My wife had prayed and the Lord had provided!  To us, it was indeed toilet paper from heaven!

“Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”  I Peter 5:7 –The Bible
Copyright © 2010 by William D. (Nick) Nichols

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