The Boat Dock

Dock StickerThe following is a true story . . .

Walking to the end of the boat dock, I looked down at the dock post–sat down, and wept.  Surrounded by people fishing and playing by the water my self-consciousness was completely displaced by gratitude and thanksgiving.  I sat there weeping tears of joy.

Earlier I had been walking around the docks trying to find our dock.  The docks were owned by the State Park system.   They were old and a little rickety but they would do the job.  The surrounding woods and water were beautiful!  I was excited because this was the first time we had ever rented a dock for our sailing ministry.  The park system had assigned us dock 127.

As I walked the perimeter of the docks looking for ours, I began to marvel at our financial restoration.  The fact that we were able to rent a dock for a sailboat was a wonder to me.  But there I was, looking for our dock to use for the summer of 2004.  I had my 2004 stickers, one for my sailboat and one for the post at the end of the boat dock.  I counted the dock posts as I walked, 118, 119, 120, dock 127 must be around the bend.  My thoughts kept falling back to the year 1992 when my failed business sent my family into a financial tailspin.

121,122,123 . . . In 1992 my business went under and I was forced against my will into bankruptcy.  I lost the house we had built, our good car, and we were left with just the basic necessities of life including our old clunker-car.  Life for us and our four children had become very difficult.  But the Lord was faithful despite my business error, and provided us with food, clothing, and a place to live while I tried to find a job.

Incredibly, at that time I received a job offer from my former boss who had employed me six years earlier.  I had to start at an entry-level salary, which was about half of what I was making when I left the job.  But the Lord used that job to stabilize our lives.  Twelve years later, I have a good job, a nice home, with three of our four kids in college.  And now even this sailboat and a boat dock, non-essential items, but a blessing to our family.  It had been a long arduous journey, but God was faithful and had restored us completely.  And we learned through it all, that HE can be trusted completely.

124, 125,126 . . . I continued walking noting the last sticker date each dock had been rented–2003, 2002, 2003.  Finally I came to dock 127.  God sometimes has interesting ways of reminding us of what he has done in our lives.  And that truly all that we have is from His hand.  The reminder of our complete financial restoration and the blessing of the sailboat and boat dock came that day with a huge smile from heaven.   The sticker on the post showed the last time dock 127 had been rented was in 1992.

“So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten . . .”

–Joel 2:25    (NKJV)

Copyright © 2010 by William D. (Nick) Nichols

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