Manager from Hell and WHOOSH!!

Office Pod PicThe new manager seemed like a nice enough guy.  I never could have guessed he would turn into the “Manager from Hell!”

He came around and made all the formal introductions to his new employees.  We figured it would take him a couple of months to get settled into his new job.  During that time, life in the office continued as usual, but as the months passed and he got settled in, it became clear that there were some of us who were being unfairly targeted, while he chose a few favorite employees on which he lavished much attention.  However on those of us targeted, he lavished disdain, contempt, or complete indifference.  This caused a major rift in the office resulting in an ever-increasing undercurrent of murmuring and silent grumbling.

Personality-wise, he was a narcissist and proud of it!  To upper management, this guy could do no wrong–he was an adept butt-kisser.  As time marched on, he became focused on a handful of us as . . . his enemies.  We were just trying to do our jobs, and this guy starts undermining what we’re doing and stabbing us in the back in any way he can.  He was so good at it; he could attack us individually, and nobody else would even see him do it!  Work became a terrible and miserable place to be all because of HIM.  Life had become so stressful for me personally that I considered quitting my job after twenty plus years.  I complained to upper management, but with no response.  Work was becoming so unbearable, I could barely drag myself to work in the mornings.

Of course I prayed about all this, and there were some other believers on his enemy-list who were also praying that God would do something!  I used to eat my lunch in my office because by the time I got past security and out of the building, I only had about fifteen minutes before I would have to return, but because of how incendiary the office had become, I HAD to leave the building even if it was just for a few minutes.  One lunch break as I was standing outside in total despair across the street from our building, I saw a friend of mine coming in my direction.

This Christian brother had been our translator for our mission’s trip to Mexico a number of years back.  He saw me, smiled, and headed for me.  We only worked a few buildings away from each other and over the years kept saying we needed to go to lunch together, but it never happened.  Now, there he was.  After our initial greeting, he said, “Hey what’s wrong? You look like something is bothering you!”  I explained the situation.  He smiled again and said, “I know exactly how you feel!!  I had the same situation and prayed, and prayed that the Lord would change my manager, and He did!!  He gave me a new manager!  So keep trusting Jesus to deliver you, and He will!”

I walked back into the office encouraged, thanking the Lord for that timely meeting, and trusting Him more fully for my hopeless situation . . . only to have things get worse!!  I didn’t think that was even possible!  The guy, always in secret, started becoming physically hostile and threatening!  Not long after that, our office was given notice of an important upcoming meeting, and it involved most of us on our boss’s secret enemy-list which included all of us that had been desperately crying out to God for a solution.

The day of the meeting arrived, and as we walked in, we surmised it must be a very serious meeting because upper management, an attorney, and Union representatives were all present.  They matter-of-factly announced that due to some major program changes in the company, our office would be downsized.  Those employees affected by this downsizing and their skills were needed elsewhere in the company.  And you guessed it–those downsized employees included all of us who had been praying for a solution!!

In one fell swoop, God WHOOSHED us out from under this “Manager from Hell!”  All the decisions were made at the top of the company; our manager had absolutely no control over what happened.  In short order, we were all in new positions!!!  And, get this, in much better positions!  A powerful lesson for me to stop underestimating the effectiveness of prayer!

“The LORD protects the simple-hearted; when I was in great need, he saved me.”  — Psalms 116:6  NIV

Copyright © 2010 by William D. (Nick) Nichols

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  • Anonymous Dude says:

    Even after your group left, the torment continued for others filtering through that department. Management took no interest in the numerous people suffering threats. I imagined blood would have to hit the floor before they ever took action.

    GOD did watch over all of us in contact with him who saw him for what he was really worth, and we all moved on. I often wonder when his world will crash far enough to make headlines, GOD help those unfortunate enough to be around him when this occurs.

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