Hitchhiker & Two Eggs

The only food we had was a dozen eggs.  The hungry hitchhiker ate ten of the eggs, leaving us with two.  That left my wife and me with one egg each.  Earlier that week on Thursday evening, we’d received a call from a friend who lived several hours away saying she and her husband were having some terrible marriage problems!  She wanted to know if we could come down and spend time talking with them.

My wife and I had just returned from living in Canada, purchased our first mobile home, I had enrolled in our local state university, and my wife had gotten a job all in our first week back from Canada.  All that activity left us with zero dollars!!  So when our friend called, we wanted to help but had no money for gas to go see them.  I prayed, “Lord, if you want us to go help them, then you’ll need to provide some money for gas.”

Friday, the next day, to my surprise I received a check in the mail for ten dollars from the IRS.  It had been sent to my previous New York college address; they eventually forwarded it to my parents, who sent it to my college address in Canada, where it got lost by the school, and didn’t get found until I was long gone from Canada, and I received it at our new address eight months later!  The money was late, but right on time to go help our friends!  Back then, ten dollars bought enough gas to drive down to our friends and back with no problem.

With a tank full of gas, we drove down that evening, spending the night with our friends and discussing their problem.  We spent Friday evening and most of Saturday listening and praying with them and then on Saturday evening we said our goodbyes.  On our way back to our home, we picked up three hitchhikers since in our old Ford van, we had plenty of room.  Later, I saw another hitchhiker and told him to jump in as well.  After an hour, the first three had gotten to where they wanted to go, so I dropped them off on the side of the road, leaving us with the lone hitchhiker.

In answer to the question of where the hitchhiker was planning to go, he said, “I’m headed out West and thought I would find a place to sleep in the weeds off the road on the west side of town.”  I told him we lived on the west side of town, and he could stay overnight with us, and then in the morning on my way to school I could drop him off at the highway.  He said, “That sounds great to me if you don’t mind, and it sure beats the weeds!!”  As we drove in the dark, we shared with him about the Lord and His work in our lives and how Jesus had set us free and given us peace in our hearts.  We got home very late, and we all went straight to bed–his bed being a weed-free couch in our little living room.

My wife left early in the morning for work.  When the hitchhiker and I got moving, I asked him if he’d like some eggs for breakfast.  (Since that was the only food we had!)  “Sounds GREAT!” he said.  He was a hungry dude and ate ten of our twelve eggs, unknowingly leaving my wife and me with two eggs to share for a later meal.   Our current food supply had been a continual urgent matter of prayer.  We would continue to trust the Lord for our food even though we only had two eggs.  I started thinking of ways to enjoy our last two eggs. I was thinking about hard boiling them, cutting them in half and laying the two halves yolk-side down on each plate.  On the one half I was going to push in a birthday-type candle and on the second half paint a smiley face with food coloring.  I planned on surrounding them with wildflowers from out back by the railroad tracks behind our mobile home and enjoy our two remaining eggs by candlelight.

Later that day, my wife came home all excited saying, “I got my first check!! I got my first check!!”  We went to the grocery store and had a really nice supper.  But part of me thought that the university where she was now working would have held back her first two weeks’ of pay and so she wouldn‘t be paid till the end of her fourth week.  No matter, we were happy to have the money and some food to eat. While eating, though, she said, “I think they made a mistake on my check and overpaid me.”

The next day she went in and spoke with the payroll department about her check error.  The lady there said, “There is no error on the check, but HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET YOUR CHECK??”  She continued, “You’re a new instructor, and we hold back your first two weeks’ of pay.  I‘ll have to look into this.”   Turns out, that my wife’s check had somehow accidentally gotten mixed up with the janitor’s checks and was handed out to her two weeks ahead of time!  When we had no money and only two eggs, the Lord blessed us with an early payday . . . knowing our needs and going before us to provide exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it!

“So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”   —Matthew 6:31-33 (NLT)

Copyright © 2010 by William D. (Nick) Nichols


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