God’s Roadside Service

CLUNK!!  Sitting with the back half my car on the road and the front half of my car hanging in the air over a large three-foot deep utility ditch—I felt stupid!   It was dark at 2 AM in the morning, and I hadn’t seen the newly cut ditch as I turned into our townhouse complex.  I was really tired and I mumbled half to myself and half to the Lord, “I can’t believe I just did that!”

It looked like the utility company had taken a knife and sliced off the side of the road.  The pavement had a clean cut and sharp edge that dropped off into the ditch.  Thankfully, the road was empty with traffic so there wasn’t any danger to myself or anyone else.  I thought about getting some concrete blocks and a jack and trying to jack the front end of my car back up onto the pavement.  But I was so tired and my thought did not transfer into action.

My car was angled down with my headlights lighting up the dirt and loose drainage tiles lying in the ditch.  Suddenly out of the dark, three strong-looking young men walked into the light of my headlights from three different directions.  Because the angle of my car was pointing down and with the dark tinting in the top of my windshield, I could only see these guys from the chest down.

All at the same time one grabbed the front of my car, one grabbed the left front, one grabbed the right front, and in unison, they lifted my car into the air and rolled it back on the pavement.  It was an old car, and I was frantically trying to crank my window down to thank these guys, but by the time I got the window down–they were gone!

It all happened in a matter of minutes from the time I drove off the road.  I was so amazed at what had just taken place that I just sat there wondering if they were angels!!  I prayed, “Lord, I don’t know if those were angels or not, and I don’t know why I never saw their faces, but thank you Lord, thank you so much for getting me out of the ditch.”

I backed my car up, made the turn into our complex, and drove to our townhouse; exhausted, I climbed into bed, and still in a state of marvel, whispered, “Thanks again Lord for your roadside service,” and went fast asleep.

“But the eyes of the Lord are on those who respect him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love . . . “

Psalm 33:18   –The Bible

Copyright © 2011 by William D. (Nick) Nichols


  • Twin says:

    I believe you truely were assisted by angels. I love reading your stories of how God blesses, and watches over you and your family. I just miss the “telling” of these blessings.

  • lRalph Allen says:

    They wer Angels, and I am amzed.

  • june stieber says:

    The question to be answered is,,,,, How great is our Faith? To trust Him for all things in our daily living is great. …… A Merry Christmas to you & Barb and all the family.. Love you.. June…

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