Do Angels Drive Mercedes?

MercedesThe following is a true story . . .

Sitting in my car in the trashy alley by the river in Pittsburgh, I was utterly lost.  I had driven through so much new construction that my map was worthless.  The waning rays of day cast shadows through the large bridge I was sitting under making the area look even more hostile and not a place to be caught alone in the dark.  Sighing, I thought, “I’ll never make it to the seminar.  At least not on time, and I hate being late!”

It started the week before when I heard about a seminar on the struggling church in China being held at a church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Everything seemed to be at the last minute: discovering the seminar, calling the last day of enrollment and getting permission to leave work early on short notice.  But the Lord had placed China in my heart, and I really wanted to attend that seminar.   Time wise, getting there was going to be tight since I was driving from Columbus, Ohio.

Now there I sat at 6:45 p.m. with the seminar starting in fifteen minutes.  I prayed, “Lord, I am lost, and I really don’t want to be late.  Please help me to find my way to the church.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.”  Just then a Mercedes pulled out of a side street right in front of me, and I had this sudden strong urge to follow the car.  It turned left out of the alley, and I turned left following.  We went down the road, turned right, cut through another alley, turning left onto a main road.  We passed through a four-way stop, turned right and followed a short detour of orange signs.  We made more turns through some construction and came to a traffic light turning yellow.

We slowed to a stop, but just before the light turned red, the Mercedes took off straight through the intersection leaving me stuck at the red light.  As I watched it disappear into the traffic, I looked at my watch . . . three minutes to go.  I thought, “Have I been stupid?”  The light turned green, and as I was passing through the intersection, I noticed a church on my right.  It was THE church with the entrance to the parking lot right in front of me!  I parked, went in, sat down, looked at my watch, one minute till seven!  The speaker stood up and said, “Let’s get started.”

To be honest, I didn’t hear the first few minutes of his talk.  I was sitting there marveling at what had transpired in the last fifteen minutes.  I wondered, “Do angels drive Mercedes?”  Then my mind passed from that thought to a Scripture I had read long ago.  In Psalms 22:5 it says, “They called to You and escaped from danger; they trusted You and were not disappointed.”  I trusted, and I was not disappointed.

Scripture quoted from, The Good News Translation.
Copyright © 2009 by William D. (Nick) Nichols


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